Trying to simulate a Cell tower area signal

Hello everyone, i would appreciate your help on this one, because i can’t find any similar question to it.
I am trying to simulate the coverage area of a cell tower ( using the asset: cellular-tv-radio-towers ), so far i have been using a sphere trace by profile node to get the actor that enter this sphere, and so i can calculate the distance.
I want to know if there’s a better way to approach that implementation.
My thought are: if i make a function ( or event) implemented in the cell tower BP, that will be fired when the character approach this tower from a specific distance, but in case there is numerous towers i will need to calculate the distance from the character to every existing tower in the map and that will be done on every step that the character make, and that might be heavy.
So is there a better solution to implement that will make recognizing the character from the nearby tower without having to check all existing towers in the map?

Hi Damien220,

How many cell towers are you thinking? that just needs calculation of the Distance between two vectors (PlayerLoc → TowerLoc Distance) - you could do thousands of them without any performance degradation…

You may even find that adding things like trigger boxes or sphere traces makes it slower…

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Thank you for your reply…
I will be adding cells as much as the map can take considering the coverage area that i will be using, so it will be procedural, and that will depend also on the size of the map.
Well i haven’t tried the distance calculation solution, i was just making assumptions.
What i am thinking about is to make an event dispatcher for the tower that will be called when the character enter the coverage area of this tower. But you said that having a trigger might be more expansive than calculating the distance every step.

I’d try doing some tests between calculating the distance and using trigger spheres - a trigger sphere is just doing that calculation anyway (and will be slightly faster as it’s built into the engine, but having those extra actors on the level may sway that) - either way, I don’t think you’re going to run into problems - it’s fast either way :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s what i will be doing, i will be trying both methods and see what gives better results and better performance.
I think you might be right about not going into issues with performance, regarding that i might not have a massive map.
Thank you anyway for your help.

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