Trying to shoot a bullet but it won't take in a Z rotation value

I am trying to spawn in a bullet using the location/rotation of the Muzzle socket in the default FPS blueprint. (i’m not using the FPS blueprint itself, but i added the assets to a new blueprint)
that seems to be functioning fine until the bullet is shot. it shoots left and right fine, but even though the camera moves up and down, the bullet does not.

the bullet works fine if i disable collision, but i need to use hit events so i have to enable query and physics.

If it works fine without collision, then it must be a collision issue, right?

Why not spawn it from just a touch further along the barrel?

If you have the default FP gun, there is a small collision volume in the end of the barrel.

just tried that, i took the socket location (muzzle) and increased the separate values (xyz) but even when the bullet was way above my head it still only shot straight.

Try just putting another socket in front of the gun. No math needed, just spawn at that socket.

hey found out my issue, thanks for the help. as it turns out i had the z input locked in the bullet actor. not sure how that happened.

Ah, jolly good :slight_smile: