Trying to setup source control for a large project (over 50gb and growing), what are the limitations of using Perforce?

from my research ive gathered that there are repo limitations for git and bitbucket which means we cant use those. ive been trying to look into perforce but i cant find anything online about storage limitations. Do they actually give you unlimited storage for free?

Perforce SOFTWARE is free for teams as long as you stay under the 5 user limit. However, the hosting of that software, is entirely up to you. You’d have to setup the perforce server software on a server where all your team can reach (and those have various price plans depending on required storage).

That said, I’ve worked on multiple TB sized perforce projects and Perforce is fine with it. It’s more how good are you at organizing that much data and keeping the underlying hardware with enough storage.

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thank you for the reply. when you say setup the perforce server and those have various price plans, what exactly do you mean? I dont see anything about pricing other than teams on their site. does perforce handle server storage? or do i need to connect it to azure or aws?

You have to do it. So, yes, going through AWS, DigitalOcean, or any other hosting company. Once you have your remote machine setup, you download and install Perforce on it, run it, and away you go.

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thank you very helpful