Trying to set up a note system

Hello as mentioned I am trying to setup a note system for a first person character, the current plan is for the player to be able to click in order to effectively zoom in on the note in order to read it, and then be able to zoom out afterwards. Any help would be appreciated

Is it 3d or 2d? The note itself. Assuming it’s 3d but who knows. Also, this has been covered by YT tuts too many times…

I assume it is 2D as it is a copy of a Photoshop document, and is listed as a sprite type in Unreal. I have looked on YouTube for a tutorial with the closest version I could find being this

You assume it’s 3d? :slight_smile: Isn’t this your choice as a developer? If you were tasked with making it, consider asking for more details - Game Design Documentation is no joke.

Since you have the tutorial now… is there an issue with it?