Trying to Save/Load Actor_BP Location Variable From Game Instance (Not Saving Location)

I have a simple save system set up using my game instance and it has worked so far saving my characters variables (location, health,ammo etc.). I’ve now tried to get this to save a Actor_BP location but it doesn’t seem to save the location to the SaveGame_BP. I couldn’t figure out a way to get to the game instance to have a reference for the Actor_BP so I’m using event dispatchers in the game instance. Not sure if I’m just missing something simple or if my system of using event dispatchers will even work. any ideas/ solutions would be appreciated.

I’ve attracted images of my Actor_BP where the Save/Load Custom events are being bound to the event dispatcher and my game instance save and load custom events.

It’s quite hard to tell from bits of blueprints, but it looks like ( for the player ) you’re creating the savegame everytime. That’s gonna overwrite it every time.

I have a look at changing some things around. Saying that, saving variables for the player works fine.

try just getting rid of that “Save game to slot” after the “Save game ED”, that might fix it. You’re already saving with the ED, then right after that, you’re saving an empty game to your slot.

Turns out I did a terrible job explaining the issue. I had a problem saving the location of an object that could be picked up in the level. I fixed it by creating a third variable in my Game Instance and setting that when the Event Dispatcher calls to Save Game. Then setting a Vector variable in my (Pickup Item) Actor_BP with the vector location stored in the game instance.