Trying to run game in portrait leaves black borders and a tiny picture.

I have my title screen(UMG) set to portrait(HTC One dimensions) as well have the in game camera set to a ratio of 0.5625(9/16) but I still experience the following:
(the colored dots would normally be near the bottom of the screen where hard or softkeys would be)

Also, my game mode has magically been set to None and when I try to change it under Maps & Modes UE4 crashes on “Rebuilding Class Hierarchy”. I know this has already been submitted as a bug report but I’m not sure if its related.

Am I missing a setting or is there more I have to do other than change aspect ratio?

Apparently the solution was easier than expected but impossible to find documentation on.

Edited a setting in Project Settings under “Android”.

mm, as you say, there are not good info about this!! so let me try it.

thanks by share it.