Trying to rotate the player hand based on the facing of the surface it touches. Got everything but the angling

Hey guys, this seemed like it ought to be easy, and I am sure I am overlooking something obvious. I am currently working on getting the player to place his hand at the object you are looking at using the new Fabrik IK nodes, and this all works well. I have a socket offset from the hand and touch that to the target impact impact point for any object with a certain tag, this works fine.

What I am having trouble with is getting the hand to rotate the hand joint so the palm is facing the point it grabbed.

I can get the normal from the impact point and adjust the rotation of the bone in the animation graph I just don’t know few things, such as which way is the hand bone “facing” when it is looking at something? if I get the lookat direction and try to adjust the rotation with that it is wonky, but I don’t know how to process the values I have into what I need! Anyone more familiar with vector math able to explain how to do this?

Using 4.3 all blueprints.


This is something I’d like help with. How to translate a surface normal vector into the angle a hand bone should be rotated to in order to sit nicely on it.