Trying to rotate a pawn (and the RTS style camera with it) and then move around in the correct diction

For some reason I’m having trouble to move the pawn in the direction the (RTS) camera is facing. But I have to say: I do not want to rotate the camera itself, becuase it is attached to a spring arme which is attached to the pawn. All i want to do is rotate the pawn, so everything goes with it.

Now, I have accomplished this movement:

And this (orbital) rotation.

But when I move the pawn, and i have rotated the camera a bit, the pawn just keeps going the same direction. It should rotate the pawn, not the camera.

How can I accomplish this?

Thanks for helping

Oh, you got to be kidding me. I was looking for a solution for 2 days and just when I posted this, I started thinking about the fact that the spring arm should rotate with the pawn.


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