Trying to replicate diablo 3 camera in top down template

I started with the top down template and am trying to replicate the diablo 3 camera angles, but everything I try just looks off.

Anyone already go through this and mind telling me if you used perspective or orthographic and what numbers you have for your rotation in the cameraboom and the cameracomponent?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there… What helped me a ton is this tutorial series: null - YouTube

Give it a try, it should help a ton!


Thanks, that is indeed a very cool tutorial. Unfortunately they don’t actual cover making changes to the camera in it. I already have most of my feature set enable, I have character select, level select, combat, inventory, multiplayer etc, I am pretty good with blueprints and so-so at C++, I just don’t like the angles of my camera and was looking for some advice.

Thanks for taking the time to look though :slight_smile:

I purchased FINAL CAMERA from the marketplace, that has about every possible camera stuff you could need. Great learning tool if you want to spend some cash… Good luck!

I love how this was accepted as the answer after I specifically said it wasn’t :slight_smile:

Its not an an accepted answer. Someone hit the up arrow. And, people who actually put an answer can’t do that. And, we can’t mark it as answered either. No idea who did the up arrow.

hmm i never really used the top down template, but i guess its like all the other templates. you try to find the camera, select it place it waaaay above the player (so its zoomed out) and rotate it a bit and move it away from the player.
that should do the trick

Nice, making tools upfront helps soo much.

Why should he accept it? It was just a link to a tutorial, and it didn’t cover the camera like he asked about, and he provided the solution that he actually used, making his own tool, below.

So, I built a quick tool to help me figure this out on my own by dropping a screenshot over my scene if anyone is interested. I could have refactored it but wanted to make it obvious what it was doing.

Yep, I should have just done it that way to begin with, but I get lazy now and then :wink:

I never asked nor do I want him to mark it answered if it doesn’t answer his questions… Also, you happen to use links as well without example. See below. Cut some slack, I was attempting to help.

Refer to this post, complete instructions for easy damage system on Character:

link text

There are more that you do as well… But, I don’t need to post more examples.