Trying to register touchpad movements with the Gear VR

I am trying to code a function where it recognizes the user’s finger movements along the touchpad, scaling an object up and down. While I can get it to recognize single touches, it is harder to code something that tracks the movements on this touchpad. How would I approach this?

I am currently trying to set the beginning position, but then scale an object up and down in accordance to where the player began touching to where the player’s touch position is.

I do know you have to use an InputTouch event, while also keeping track of the user’s movements along the two axes (X and Y). However, I don’t know what to do beyond that.

id like to find the solution to this too - could you post your blueprint as it stands / have you sorted this? cheers

My code is largely based on the code posted here:!-Get-it-here-for-free-)