Trying to recreate saturn

Hello everyone!

I’m currently trying to recreate Saturn in ue4 for my first game project, but unfortunately I have no idea what to do for the shaders, atmosphere or anything! When I saw Jeremy’s gas planet starter pack I was over the moon, but sadly he has disappeared along with the download links, so I’m left stuck with no idea about what to do, any ideas?



How close do you intend to get to the planet? as this will greatly effect the advice I’ll attempt to give.

We probably need a bit more detail, do you want it to be completely accurate or just similar? How close will the camera get to the planets and rings? Do you want something super optimized so it can run on a mobile device or can it be demanding for high end PCs? How accurately do you want it lit? Is there a certain image of Saturn you want to emulate?

Ill throw a question in here if thats ok. How do you unwrap a sphere so that the poles don’t have a messed up texture?

I’d probably use a geosphere, which you can unwrap like a cube.

Hi, thanks so much for the replies guys! I’m looking to create something focused on details, atmospheric scattering is a must, I’m looking for something like jbaldwin’s saturn: 8bd9880822c5ba242208344b630f075e9982e3bc.jpeg thank you!

Hey Mod,
I do apologize for not having the links back up and running. I rebuilt the base of my website and thus needed to re-vamp the free market station section. The time frame I had set out to accomplish this took a back seat in priority due to work. I will try and get the FM Station back up and running by the end of this week.


Thanks Jeremy!

I was able to slap them up real fast. The Gas Planet, Unreal Eye, and Unit One can be downloaded via a temp FM Station Page located here:!free-market-station/zwkhl

Holy cow! Thanks Jeremy!!!