Trying to put together a team.

Howdy (hopefully soon to be) Partners.

My name is Nicholas and as I’m sure none of you know I’ve been into game development for many many moons now, and I have always wanted to create something nice and enjoyable for all to experience. Over the past 6 or 7 years I have been trying my hardest to teach myself through countless hours and zillions of tutorials nearly every aspect of video game development and I have come to a very disappointing conclusion. I am unfortunately one of those “Jack of all trades Master of none” kind of people. Years and years of instruction and practice and I would barely even consider myself competent in any of the fields necessary for developing games.

So with that said, I have many many ideas for games I would like to see be made, but I don’t have the skills necessary to create something that I would be satisfied in putting out. So I am hoping to gather some people who have a like-minded desire for game creation and who have much better skill than I do (which would be literally anyone) and create a team where we would all work together to create these games. Not just the ones I have thought of mind you, if you have any ideas for anything of course we will pursue those as well. I really look forward to sitting down with everyone and hashing out ideas for all aspects of the games, I think that will be really fun. Anyway I digress a bit.

I suppose this is me trying to start a small “studio” albeit one where we all work from home, at least in the beginning anyway. The reason I say it’s paid eventually is because this would kind of be a starter studio so naturally there is like no money to pay people with, we would basically be developing in our free time and when we have a little something to put together we could set up a kickstarter or some other crowd source funding thing and we use that money for any programs or payment needs. And then obviously when the games sell we will split that money.

Man I am bad at writing and staying on track. But I guess to summarize I am looking for anyone who has any kind of skill in, 3d modeling, texturing, writing, audio, of course scripting, even concept art, there are all kinds of fields. Who wouldn’t mind wanting to try and take a chance. Work in your free time, we all collaborate and make something great and even get your own ideas out there for the world to experience.

If you have any questions or anything feel free to ask. Or if you want to take a chance definitely let me know.

(Re-reading this it’s no wonder why I always got C’s on my essays and stuff in school)

Hello Cubanbejr,

I share a similar Game Dev Journey. I found myself to be more so blueprints-centric in working with Unrealengine, but, working slowly to improve my 3D Modelling & Animation Skills. I’m evolving into a Jack-of-All-Trades like You.

What I realized was I have too many ideas. I lack the discipline to focus on a single game. I gravitate to towards developing subsystems suited for multiple games. So, I elected to join a team developing multiple games that could use my subsystems. I signed up with

I’m now able to focus and codevelop cool subsystems like PROTOS, An In-Game, Multi-user, High Density Modular, World/Entity Construction System. I call it The Customizer for Everything. It is True, that PROTOS is not a Game. But, it will be major part of several games, and that gets me excited and motivated. is a unique game studio from all the others I’ve tried. The studio was built specifically for the Jack-of-All-Trades Developer (JACKS).

JACKs are better suited at adapting and leverage their talents across multiple game products. So, I would encourage you to sign up with Team Headless. They are well organized and have several game products in dev that could use a Jack of all trades (see About Us & Our Games). Or you can lead your own TEAM in Headless. We can chat more about it on Discord. I’m nearly present 12-16hrs a day.

Thank for taking time to read my post and I hope to see you there.

That sounds both very interesting and very awesome. Should this not work out I will check that out thank you.

Hey, my name is Serban and I am a sound designer living in Norway. If you ever come so far and need audio assets to get a more real feel to your demo hit me up :slight_smile: and good luck!


My name is Elijah, and I’m working on 3d asset creation for fun in my spare time. If you need any help, add me on Discord @ SuddenLife#0030 . I work a decent amount, but if you add me and hit me up, i’ll chat with you and see if we can’t manage to put stuff together!

Will do Serban, thank you. As for Elijah I’d love to chat more thanks

I’m available pretty much every morning if you wanna work on stuff!

Hi, Im interested in restarting game dev. I did put together a team a couple of years ago. I was proj. manager and 3d artist. Down bellow you’ll see some 3d art I done and a WIP of the verticalslice me and my team did work on. send me a mail if your still interested and we can chat some more! mail: