Trying to pull updates to Unreal Engine

Hi, i just want to update my local github repo, so i can recompile latest version. What are the git commands i need to run. I did git pull inside the folder, and it downloaded some files, but when i try to merge them, it just says “please commit your changes or stash them before you merge”

I’m not a programmer, i just use Unreal Engine for my projects, so i havent done any changes, and i really hoped i wouldn’t have to download the whole engine again to update it… But, what are the steps to update the sourcefiles so i can recompile them?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

First use

to show what files have changed. If you are sure that you didn’t change anything, use

. That will remove ANY changes and reset your repo to the most recent commited local version. Finally do

After that you should be able to recompile the latest engine version depending on what branch you are on.

Cool, thanks… :slight_smile: I’ll try that tomorrow… :slight_smile: