Trying to pick up objects

Hello, I am making a puzzle platforming game where one of the mechanics is picking up objects. I am using the default first person camera without the gun or arms, when I first tried to pick up the objects (a default sized block) it did not pick up the object. When I went back and make the block taller it worked but if that object gets knocked over I can no longer pick up the object, do you know how I can fix this? Is it something with my picking up object blueprints or is it that I also have to make the object wider as well as taller?

how are you picking the object?

Im using a line tracer by channel, I found some tutorial online, the two pictures are the blueprints I use for it

if you are following the tutorial from TeslaDev you can see he moves the scene component a little further. i guess, if the object is simulating physics, if its too close its simulating force against you, and as you know, force + force nulls itself. i tried the tutorial and it works fine, just need to move the Scene (HeldObj) a little further

also, about it being taller or not, sounds like you are not using the Forward Vector of the camera, my guess is that you are using the forward vector of the capsule component or something that doesnt rotates up, so its too high for the object. the line trace by chanel offers a debug option, set the Draw Debug Type to Persistent to see your line trace, its helpful. Also, make sure the object you want to pick up has the check on Simulate Physics.