Trying to perfect VR procedural mesh slicing,

I have managed to get my procedural mesh slicing working in VR but its very buggy.
There are issues with both the accuracy & cut direction and sometimes the amount of cuts.
I would like to perfect this to a single cut and correct direction.
so if anyone can spot where I have gone wrong Please be kind enough to tell me.


Excellent result!

Hey your problem is because you try to cut scaled meshes…if you use scale 1 1 1 then it works :smiley:

You are infact right that I scaled the default cubes to be more like pillars . Not sure how you know I did that, But I will give this a go ASAP and kick myself that it was that easy to fix If it proves to be the case.
Thanks for the reply as I had abandoned this since uploading this question.

Well it worked and it only seems to be cutting in the right direction.
But Its still cutting multiple times around 50% of the time, so I have to figure out how to solve why, Maybe putting some kind of delay on the do once node

@AlphaWolF Hi, did you ever figure this out
I have the same issue