Trying to package for IOS Lyra sample game getting error using Transporter ERROR ITMS-90711: "Invalid executable permissions....EOSSDK does not have its writable bit set."

Hello there, I am trying to edit the unreal engine game template Unreal engine just released for unreal engine 5 and I am able to package the game successfully for IOS, however when I use transporter to upload the game to my apple developer console I get an error in transporter for the following:

ERROR ITMS-90711: “Invalid executable permissions. The executable Payload/ does not have its writable bit set.”

It seems to be the issue with epic online services right? I tried disabling the plugin to see if that would fix the issue for now and I am still getting the same message. Would anyone know where can I go or point me in the right direction for help…Thanks alot.

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I am using UE5
MacBook Pro 2019 Edition
Uploading for IOS using apple tool called Transporter

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Package game for IOS in unreal engine
  2. upcode success packaging, open the transporter app and upload the package iOS build. While it starts uploading, I get the error message mentioned above and as seen in the attached screenshot.

Sarah Good


Did you get that resolved?

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I am having the same issue on iMac Pro (2017) and UE 5.0.3.

Any ideas how to resolve?

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Has this been resolved yet? I am experiencing the same issue and for the life of me, I cannot find a fix and this post is the only one I have found that even talks about this specific issue.

bumping this thread, as I am having the same issue with UE 5.1 and the EOS plugin for ios on a default project. Any resolution for this?

I found a resolution for this. I located the source EOS framework in the Unreal Engine code (UE_5.1\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\EOSSDK\SDK\Bin\IOS\EOSSDK.framework), then before packaging the ios build with Unreal, change the permissions on the SDK file manually to be rw:
chmod 0666 UE_5.1\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\EOSSDK\SDK\Bin\IOS\EOSSDK.framework\EOSSDK
then packaged like normal, and the upload afterward was successful

how do we change the permissions manually? did you have to type that chmod 0666 UE_… into the terminal on Mac, or the terminal inside unreal engine?

replying to my message here. Thanks @aross_scopely for giving us the answer. I was able to make it writable by finding the folder and clicking info and manually changing the permissions on the folder itself.

I am however now running into another issue, wondering if anyone did the same, after uploading through transporter my build goes successfully through transporter but then I get an email after it uploads and it gets rejected stating that my project contains bitcode. however I disabled bitcode In my project settings and also verified is disabled via my DefaultEngine.ini.

ITMS-90482: Invalid Executable - The executable ‘’ contains bitcode.

here is the message I get regarding bitcode

Anybody else got this message.

ITMS-90482: Invalid Executable - The executable

‘YouAppName".Frameworks/EOSSDK.framework/EOSSDK](’ contains bitcode.

Hi! I’m currently running into this, did you ever manage to find a solution?