Trying to package for HTML5 4.22.3 having issues

Hi there, I am currently trying to package my game for HTML5 so that I can upload it to be played on in the browser. However when trying to build it, it just stays on packing for HTML5… for over an hour and doesn’t get very far when I check over the output log. Is anyone able to help? I will add the things I know about incase this helps under the screenshots.

So from the editor it says that I have the SDK installed for it which I was worried about so don’t think it’s to do with this.
An interesting line I see is, “Pick the JS engine to use for running the compiler. This engine must exist, or nothing can be compiled” I have googled this yet found nothing helpful.
I have tried packaging the game for windows x64 and it packages and runs without any issues so I don’t think it’s anything to do with the game but more so something to do with the HTML5.

If anyone would be able to help I would greatly appreciate it, thank you