Trying to move component'X/X/X.CollisionCylinder' with a non-Movable Mobility

My AICharacter is working fine but Output Log is showing this warning always for the character. And I cannot find any solution. Any idea?

LogPhysics:Warning: MoveFixedBody: Trying to move component'/Game/NaturePackage/Content/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Showcase.Showcase:PersistentLevel.BP_Character_AI9.CollisionCylinder' with a non-Movable Mobility.

Note: CollisionCylinder is Movable.

Unreal Engngine version is 4.7 preview 5


Can you provide some more information about how you are creating the CollisionCylinder and telling it to move? Are you doing this with Blueprints or C++? Can I see how you have structured your Behavior Tree? Any additional information about the project may help.


I think the problem is related with preview 5. Preview 6 does not have this problem anymore.

Thank you for letting us know, please reopen the question if it begins again.