Trying to move a box actor?

Hi, I’ve got a box actor called ‘Spike box’, I’m trying to make it so that the box follows the location of a player. I’m looking at something I found online for a reference.

The reference: How to move an actor in a certain direction and velocity? - UE4 AnswerHub

Here’s my rendition of that:

While I tried to copy the same basic logic that person was going for best I could, I don’t really understand the ins and outs of using that kind of math in programming. Is there some sort of book or tutorial dedicated to math in programming?

Try taking a look at some basic Vector Mathematics that you would find in High School text books as well as Physics text books. Games and programming in general use fundamental physics/mathematics concepts everywhere, any Math resource will help you further your understanding of how to apply it to programming solutions. Once you know the reasons or the results of a particular equation or concept, you can then apply it to a game concept.

Try looking at the components of a solution and step through it bit by bit to see what it is doing on a smaller scope in each step and then use that understanding of the components that make up the solution to understand it as a whole.

Thank you, I will look into this.