Trying to model my house

Hello, I’m trying to model my house to be able to see it on unreal. The idea is to be able to visualize easier future renovations. Just have no idea on where to start, any pointers will be appreciated, thanks!

UE4 is just an engine my best advice is learn something about 3D modelling and sculpting maybe some animation. There are free and paid tutorials out there the one I know is from,, and for the followings I’ve just mentioned using 3D software such as Blender, Maya, and Zbrush. I have nothing against paying or going free all that matters is your know the following concepts which is important because certain 3D meshes that are available for free or sold are not sometimes you would want in your own projects and it’s best to learn how to model and sculpt using the preferred software you choose. I’m not going to be exact because the things I am saying varies to the point of experience level and the more you have is my only best experience.

For example, you may know how to model and sculpt, what if you need to make your own textures for that custom details? Then you will have to learn how to make your own textures there are software and tutorials and like I said it’s either free or paid versions. Other than knowing your own texture quality you will also have to know something about landscaping which like I said there are landscape software available free or paid versions some are affordable such as World Machines has great tutorials I know on for landscape. I am not being exact because it’s hard to pinpoint what you really need to work on so I hope I could have shed some light as I am doing the same except I’m developing my own video-game projects.

OP: ‘I want to model my house so I can destroy it in a glorious battle’, is a better reason to learn UE4.:stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise, there are easier Apps that come with predefined templates / props out of the box, to help.