Trying to make simulated physics static mesh stop moving on an attached object


In the video you can see the blue blocks move on my ship(the walls are hidden for the demonstration) when the ship moves forward the blocks move with the ship + move with physics as well, I want to disable that physics part at least for the ship, quite easy to do if I knew where the code was and if it was easily accessible. After digging hours in the engine code as I understood its located somewhere in BodyInstance I could be wrong and the code be located in PrimitiveComponent but I overrode most of the functions there and still see the blocks increase in velocity when touching any kind of wall on the ship, or I could be wrong again and it can be somewhere even deeper(I hope not). Anyway hopefully someone here knows what code I am talking about or at least can help me with the direction, thanks in advance.

lol, which part is the ship? the big cubes and sphere?

Lol, it does completely look weird the blue cubes are the items on the ship, the walls and floor are transparent for the demonstration. As I understood it the items move because they are touching the walls and floor with attached to the ship, which adds velocity to the items. But because the items attached to the ship as well the ship velocity added to the equation and they move. The problem that I couldn’t locate where in the C++ project that part of code located I already dealt with the same problem in my Player character.