Trying to Make Next/Previous buttons to play a series of animated Level Sequences

Hi everyone,

I have a 3 step process (3 Level Sequences) that I want to program Next and Previous buttons to play through. I have this working fine in a test scene, see the attached images. Basically the buttons check what my “Chapter” variable is at and play that animation, then update the Chapter value (considering it can’t go below 1 or over 3).

My big issue is lets say I now have a 20 step animation. I think this is a very inefficient way to do this, and I’d rather see if I can put my Level Sequences into an Array and just call one of those on each button press (and increment or decrement through the array), rather than check every single of the 20 to see which to play.

I’ve attempted this and spent a while on it today, but keep running into various problems. I can’t figure out how to do it without using a Create Level Sequence node connected to the play button (this actually works!) but then when I do the same to the Reverse button it screws up, playing only half the animation or starting at weird frames… seems buggy. I solved it in this example by establishing the Create Level Sequence nodes first, then calling them with the play button. But in that case, I can’t figure out how to call from an Array instead.

Basically need someone smarter than me to share how you would go about it. Is it helpful for me to upload the project? I can do that if needed.