Trying to make my first MOD! but i need some advice!

Hello good people!

So the thing is that I’m making a mod with new guns based on the existent ones, and already created subclasess from the blueprints. I got a new smithy to craft them and eveything is working great. i even cooked the mod and is up in steam :D.

But now i need to modify the damage and material cost of each engram, and i know where to change this values in the blueprints… but i need get values from the INI File… and I’m REALLY lost in this matter… i tried to understand how to do it but after severals hours… my brain is going to explode :frowning:

So if anyone can point me in the right direction would be AWESOME! :slight_smile:


Thank you I already saw that post but i can’t understand how to set the variable to an existent value like Item materials cost or weapon damage :frowning:

Another question is someone is reading this :D.

I just made a new weapon from the original longneck rifle and i did a new ammo for this weapon (child classes), my problem is that my new weapon accept both amunition and i want to use only the new one… How i can stop this behavior?

Not possible at, or during, runtime - i.e from graphs.

Don’t child class the Ammo, and replace the ammo template your new weapon uses with your new ammo template.


So when and how I can do this if not using graphs?

Thank i guess i need to reparent :frowning:
(I did it and worked very well thank you again)

Crafting costs are handled in the PrimalItem# file if I’m not mistaken and weapon damage(and various other things) is under the Config section of the weapon BP.


Anyway to set those values in the server/mod startup ? because i want to change those values from the config file. (GameUserSetting.ini)

As I originally stated, it is currently not possible to dynamically alter that information in-game in any form.

That information is pre-set in the editor and needs to be cooked/compiled and then takes effect in-game.