Trying to make a UMG material but can't get the texture to show up

I’m just trying to take a ui texture and put it through a material instead of just having an image in UMG.

The reason I’m doing this is because the image needs to rotate, and UMG can’t do it smoothly so I’m going to rotate the texture in a material. However I can’t get my material to look like the texture.

This is my attempt:

Does anyone know how I could set this up to get the texture to actually show?


Try using the Red channel off your mask.

Hey Nick,

Maybe I should’ve just kept this problem in the last thread you helped me with :slight_smile:

That didn’t seem to fix it unless I did something wrong:

But I tried all the combinations that I could think of and either I get the full color or a completely black screen.

I have been playing around with using materials in a widget.
However i created a standard material, set it to unlit, and put set the color in the emissive node.
Then within the widget, it asks to update the material when selected.

Hey Fjordhoj,

Are you able to show any screenshots of what you mean exactly?


Did you set the material domain to user interface ?