Trying to make a trace only object


I’m getting a bit confused with collision types…
I’m trying to make a dynamic object that is invisible in game and has no collision for anything but a raycast/trace.

Can someone please tell me how to go about that.


I did this exact thing by using the cube mesh that comes with the engine. I have that mesh in my pawn component with a pretty far offset from the center. I have the collision for the mesh set to none since all the trace needs to know is which object to end the trace at.

Heya ,

The Collision Reference Docs cover what you’re looking for.

Essentially you’ll make the Actor ignore everything but visibility traces, and for visibility you’ll set it to “block.” The page I linked to is a bit out of date when it comes to the screen shots, but all of the usage information is still current.

You’ll find all the properties to change in an Actor’s (or component’s) Collision Category, and then expand the Collision Presets. Set your Preset to “Custom.” Object Type to WorldDynamic. Then everything below that should be checked to ignore except for Visibility.

Thanks for the fast responses guys. That works perfectly. BTW I love the debug features on the different traces, that’s so handy!