Trying to make a reflective decal not bug out

I was going to make this weird effect where you fly through a corridor that has a reflective material splashed all over it, but for some reason, using vector transforms in the DecalMaterial will make the decal act strange around certain models, the parts in the model where there’s a split in the polygons or UVs will make the reflection have a big seam. It does wrap around a Landscape properly so it can be used for something like a reflective puddle effect… but not so much for wrapping around my static meshes.
Maybe I need to change something in the material? Or the model’s mesh/material?

What happens if you disable the normal map on the material you’re displaying on top of? I wonder if it’s an issue with the normal being inverted on certain poly’s…

The decal system is a bit of a black box for me. Although i can say i don’t have issues displaying them on meshes with many poly’s.

Ah, that material actually does not have a normal map.

And yeah, decals do work on high poly stuff, but not this model in particular.

Sometimes when the decal doesn’t work, you can always use flat poly planes with transparency in the material and place them like decals(turning off the shadows and collision of the mesh obviously)

Yup, I’ve definitely got that technique in my back pocket, it’s just a shame because those “decals” won’t conform to the shape that’s under them, you need to find a nice flat surface for each one otherwise they will be partially floating in mid-air.

I’ve found some other models I can put the decals on without them bugging out, so I guess this isn’t a problem anymore.
Here’s a video of how trippy some giant reflective decals can look, this probably won’t actually be used for release.