Trying to make a map template to play similar to Halo's Forge (Blueprint)

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to make a level in the editor that includes a popup menu on a button press that lists a set of items, and not only lets you place them (with editable snaps), but scale them, select/modify materials or material instances, and add basic blueprints IN-GAME, but saving it as a map to use later. Similar to how Forge in halo works, but slightly improved. Basically what I want is to transfer all the map-making capabilities of the editor into a game, so I can send it to a friend to have him make levels he can play on, or just to use myself to create levels with a controller. Is this possible, and if so, what would be the best way to go about it? If you would rather link to some other post than explain, that works for me, but I have not been able to find much myself.

EDIT: If I can manage to get this going, I would like the ability to select seasons, or themes, either globally or by object, to modify materials. Example, if I have an airport as a map, when you change the season globally to winter, there will be a different material for the tarmac to have snow on it, blocks placed will have snow or ice on the upper regions, and everything will be somewhat more blue.

This is quite possible, but requires quite a bit of work. If you’ve updated to UE 4.4, in the experimental tab in the editor preferences, turn on UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics). This is the new menu editor that will be put out soon.

That’s the documentation so far. A lot of what you are wanting to do is getting variables from objects, storing them elsewhere, changing them accordingly, and updating the values. You’ll need to learn how to create specialized save games, to store the location, rotation and state of objects you create and place. I also want to do this, if you want to work together, send me a pm!

So… Did you guys figured out how…? I also want to create a game with level editor :rolleyes: