Trying to make a crime-game

Me and two of my friends are trying to make an RTS game about running a crime syndicate

In the game, you can hold up stores, hire prostitutes and mobsters and sell drugs. that’s not everything you can do, but I’ll probably shed more light on the game later

However, I have never made a game before, can anyone help me or at least give me tips?

Ah, welcome to the forum Stoneworth. My advice? Start smaller.

I’d start by trying to make a game where you could move AN agent to a variety of locations on a map and trigger events/choices (robbing a store, setting up a protection racket, etc). If you can get that going then add a little complexity, such as a series of risks when you do that or timers that will go off. Basically turn it into something of a time management game. I’ll stop there because this small simple game will probably take you many, many months. That’s ok, it isn’t a matter of disrespect! Get out there and start putting it together! If you can get a simple game together you’ll have a much better idea of what questions you need to be asking. General questions of “Help me” are too broad for anyone to answer in a forum :slight_smile:

Good luck!

When you use the UE4 those links are pretty useful:

  • when you have specific questions, make sure to post them here into the forum -> we are always here to help :slight_smile: