Trying to make a 3D fighting game prototype; no idea where to begin

Hi all, my name’s Josh, I’m an aspiring developer who’s completely new to Blueprints. Been finding it rather tricky, I understand a few basic principles of coding/scripting but I wouldn’t say that I’m really a programming type, I’m much more inclined to artistic things.

I’ve been tinkering in UE4 on and off for several months now. I’ve been trying to build a prototype for a 1 vs 1 arena fighting game with 3D movement, similar to Tekken, but the more I tinker with UE4 the more it seems to become a colossal task, with each problem I solve bringing up new problems. As it stands, I still have no idea how to begin making this resemble the product I want, which is an arcade-style 3D fighting game with large characters and destructible objects. This video is pretty much a spot-on example of the game I’m trying to make: Tech Romancer - game play (DC) - YouTube

So, in sequential order, I need to get each of the following just for the most basic shell of the game:

-Two characters on screen at all times
-Camera that views both characters from the side at all times
-Camera that zooms in/out depending on how far each character is to each other
-Movement controls that won’t flip when one character ends up on the opposite side of the screen and vice versa

I realize that this might be a large amount of things to do, and I don’t know how much of it I can do by myself. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the attacking system for the game. What should I do to get the ball rolling on this? Where should I begin? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would start with camera and 2 player movement (just movement no actual fighting).
If you want multiplayer in future do it now from very start, there are problems specific only to mp games (like replication).

So MVP for you would be: smart camera that does not madly flip when your player turns, movement that is intuitive, and multiplayer (or some basic AI support, at least circling, jumping forward and backward)

For camera prototyping use 3rd person template. Make event that randomly spawns (moves) opponent dummy.
Then make camera that smoothly react to changed distances/positions.
This is enough fun for several hours of coding.

Hint: use camera arm for positioning, and interpto for smooth value changes (like distance)

Umm I don’t actually know anything about coding in C++, I was just talking about my experience in general.

That isn’t really much for me to go on, could you please elaborate further? How do I do all this?

Nawrot gave you quite a bit to go on. There is no “fighting game” template available at the moment so you will have to build all of the elements yourself. Best bet is to start out with all of Epic’s UE4 tutorials on youtube and learn how to use blueprints.
The camera control stuff shouldn’t be too complicated and the getting 2 characters on the screen is very simple too, the showing both players can be done pretty easily with a trace.

those tutorials don’t help at all

here are is a playlist of some templates and tutorials to help you make a fighting game. its not much but its something to start out with