Trying to lock player input in Top Down template.

I am trying to lock the player input in the Top Down template.

I have nodes setup to disable, and enable input based on entering a volume, and following a delay.

It does does not appear to be working.

This is what I want to have happen.

  1. Player enters volume
  2. Players movement is stopped (working)
  3. Players input is locked (not working)
  4. Player is teleported (working)
  5. Player input is restored

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You could try activating/deactivating your players movement component.

From your ‘Get player character’ cast to your character, then from that you can activate/deactivate its component.

The easiest way to do it would be to simply go into all the movement buttons are in the BP and after the input action / axis event fires do a Branch for “Allow Input?” and connect everything to the true. Then, when you want to take control away, just set “Allow input” to false and the player won’t be able to move the character!

Just get the player controller and set the cinematic mode to true.