Trying to launch game on my HTC...

Whenever I try to launch my basic rolling game which came straight from the rolling template it won’t launch at all. It gives me this error,

I’ve tried multiple times to see if it is something in my settings but everything is correct.I have no idea why it won’t let me launch anything to any phone. I need help or else I might as well just stop making an app for phones since it appears there is a problem with UE4.

look through you build log for errors. (or post it here). UE4 works fine on mobile.


What version of AndroidWorks do you use? What are the settings you set for building on the Android platform?


You are using too new a version of the Android SDK Tools. Starting with 25.3.0 the android tool was depreciated. Any version before this, like what is installed by CodeWorks for Android 1R6u1 installer included in Engine/Extras/AndroidWorks in 4.16 should work. Make sure you do not update it afterward.