Trying to interact between wall and character to play specific animation

So I trying to interact between wall and character to play specific animation and I should happen if my character collision touch this object collision, so first of all I created empty blueprint class actor and I add component as static mesh and it was wall with enabled collision. Inside this graph I Set this wall mesh and I add event ‘On component begin overlap’ then cast to character blueprint that use my skeletal mesh when game begin.
Next I connect object pin to ‘get player character’ and As (myBlueprint_Character) I connect to play animation note.
I just compile it and nothing special happen. You know what I missing? The character need play animation when he touch this wall, in gameplay he should jump on this wall for now.


Overlap events are useful if the character penetrates thru the wall - like if this was a trigger volume you walked thru for example. However, if the collision channels on your character and this wall are set to Block each other, then I would suggest turning on “Simulation Generates Hit Events” instead of “Generate Overlap Events”. Next, use the On Component Hit events instead of On Component Begin Overlap ones to detect this type of interaction. Finally, make sure that you are casting to your character’s class off the Other Actor pin on this hit event (not when “game begin” … whatever you meant there) to make sure the code only works on your guy and not any other random actor (like a projectile or enemy that touches the wall too).

It not working for me, but I send the shot of my graph.