Trying to Install Maya Rigging Toolset

I have Unreal Engine downloaded and found the file, but there is no Maya folder in my folder.

Hi ryanj12,

If you have Maya installed and have run it at least once, the folder should appear in documents. Have you run your install of Maya?


Thanks for answering ,

I haven’t ran Maya, but from the documentation page it seemed like Maya downloaded along with UE4 when you download UE4, is this the case or have I misunderstood the documentations? Is Maya a completely different download?

Here’s the page that I read: Animating Characters and Objects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Hey ryanj12,

Autodesk Maya is 3D Modeling and Animation software. It’s one of a few tools used to create models, rigs, animations, etc for import into the Unreal Engine. Our Maya Animation Rigging Toolset is a plugin for Maya.

Some other similar toolsets include 3ds Max, Blender, and Modo.

Blender is free, Modo has a reasonably priced indie package, and Maya/3ds Max are priced at a higher monthly rate (although they do have student versions). There are also some other modeling tools out there that I may be leaving out.