Trying to inflict damage to enemy AI with the rolling ball


We are looking to have the player, a rolling ball from the rolling game template, collide with and cause ragdoll to AI. So far we have a blueprint that allows for this to happen, but the way it is constructed means that the NPC AI will ragdoll for pretty much anything (up until now, we’ve been using the “Event Hit” node, connected to “set simulate physics” in the enemy’s character blueprint). They will turn into ragdolls when they walk into walls, each other, even trip over other ragdolls. We want them to ONLY ragdoll upon contact with our rolling ball.

Here’s where we’re at currently. everything after the node “set simulate physics” is functioning the way we want it to. how do we get the ball and only the ball to apply damage to the enemies and/or cause them to ragdoll?

if anyone has the capacity for a detailed response, we could really use specifics. we are really noobs here and we aren’t at the level where we can understand vague instructions. any help will be hugely appreciated!

Hope this helps…

This == of object doesnt seem to work for me… so i…

change the ‘==’ node to ‘is overlapping actor’ may get a better result… plug the second pin from that node to the player…(may have to flip them) and that will be your collision…

Why don’t you use collision event and cast it if actor hit was a character?
That works for me.