Trying to Improve my Health Regeneration, as well as add interpolation to the health bar

So, I am developing a health regeneration system. I have it split into 3 custom events a timer and a function.

So when I use (for example) a healing potion it calls the event Start Health Regen from the player BP which takes two inputs: Amount which is an integer, and rate which is an integer. for this example both will be set to 10.

The Start Health Regen Custom Event has 6 Variables: HealthRegenTick which is a float, HealthRegenAmount which is an integer, HealthTickRate which is an integer, HealthTickCount which is an integer, HealthPerTick which is an integer, and IsRegeneratingHealth? which is a boolean.

HealthRegenTick is set to 1 by default, HealthRegenAmount is set by the input Amount, HealthTickRate is set by the input Rate, HealthTickCount is set to 0 by default, HealthPerTick is set to HealthRegenAmount Divided by HealthTickRate, IsRegeneratingHealth? is false by default.

from the event node is a branch with IsRegeneratingHealth? plugged into a NOT gate being the input.

from the true branch the initial values of HealthRegenAmount, HealthTickRate, HealthPerTick, and HealthTickCount are set respectively then IsRegeneratingHealth? is set to true.

From the IsRegeneratingHealth? boolean pin a timer is set by event with it’s time set to HealthRegenTick, The Event is the second custom event called Health Regen, and the timers handle is output to a Clear and invalidate by handle node Connected to a third Custom event called Regen Health End.

from Health Regen is a branch with a test if HealthTickCount is greater than or equal to HealthTickRate.

from the true branch is the call for the Regen Health End event.

from the false branch is the Increase Health function which takes an input amount and adds it to the players current health clamping it at the max health then calls the Update Health Bar Function in the healthbar widget. The input is set to HealthPerTick.

from the function is an increment node for the HealthTickCount.

From the Clear and invalidate by handle node is a setter for IsRegeneratingHealth? to false, and setters for HealthRegenAmount, HealthTickRate, and HealthPerTick to 0.

If the IsRegeneratingHealth? Test is true (meaning another health regeneration is happening) than the initial branch is false.

when the branch is false HealthRegenAmount is set to the current value plus the incoming value, HealthTickRate is set to the current value plus the incoming value, and HealthPerTick is set to the new Amount divided by the new Rate. This regenerates the new values from the current HealthTickCount.(for this example you drank the second potion 3 seconds after the first. You healed 1 hp every second for 3 seconds, the amount then changed to 20 and the rate to 20 for HealthTickCount 4 and on til count 20 where the Regen Health End event is triggered.

This is a pretty clean system In my opinion and allows you change the HealthRegenTick (which I plan for perks doing this like stats in vitality, gear effects, and that sort of thing)

I want to implement a Potency check for when you drink potions where either you gain potency for over healing, or for generally drinking potions quickly, and if you get too high of a potency you get potion sickness which dynamically weakens potions based on how high your potency is over the limit.

I also want to implement health DoT and wondered if there was a way to abstract my system to do both cleanly or if I was better just making a parallel system.

I would also enjoy a way to more smoothly move between progress bar percents with this system since the actual movement seems a bit clunky while still keeping the timing modifier the same, but I have never used interpolation and wouldn’t know where or how to implement it.

If you have any suggested changes or improvements please let me know, I want to get this system polished before I move onto my other systems like mana, exp and stamina

So I did some more research and attempted to implement the interpolation

I changed the increase health function so that instead of setting current health directly it passed the new value of the amount added to current health to a new variable called New Health. the update health bar function now just sets the new boolean IsHealthUpdating? to true allowing the event tick sequence to happen.

The system works with the decrease health function which is identical to increase health except it subtracts the amount from current health and sets that to New Health. But it will not currently increase health which I can’t figure out…if I set the increase health amount to a negative it works to decrease the health but will not increase it, if you know why please tell me

Figured it out I made a branch where current health is set and made the condition is current health greater than new health if it is than it truncates the interpolation if it isn’t it ceils it