Trying to import png failing

I have a panorama png and when trying to import it, it comes up with failed. How do I fix this? Other png’s are accepted, I don’t know why this one won’t work. I’ve tried jpg and others but to no avail.

Thank you.

You can try 2 things.

If the filename is very long or has non-ascii characters (ä,ë, ø, … , special characters, chinese, japanese or other international characters), rename the file to something short.
This was a bug in a certain version in UE4, i remember.
Import failed via drag n drop to the editor, but was fine with the import-button in the content browser.

When i experienced this once, i could solve it by opening the png with an external image editor and exported a new file, which was ok for UE4. Perhaps something in that png was not within specs.
(It was Affinity Designer in that case, but Photoshop might do the same.)

It turned out I had to rename it for some reason, thanks for the help!

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