Trying to import meshes at runtime

I’m trying to make something like a game that also features a level editor. There are the default tiles that come with the editor, but I would also like for the user to be able to make custom tiles as .obj files in an external program and load them into the level editor at runtime. However, I can’t figure out how to load files at runtime, only import them into the project before I export it. I am very new to Unreal, though, so I might be missing something obvious. Could anyone tell me how to do this, or point me at a tutorial that does this please?

I doubt that this is possible.
Importing is one thing if you use the asset in the editor.
But they also need to get built and cooked for a shippable game. Thats not gonna happen at runtime since you would need to ship engine code along with it…

PS: At first glance, the procedural mesh component could be a solution, but its everything but practicable for an entire project.
You would also have to write your own OBJ parser and construct the mesh based on that…

I’ve already written an obj parser. I have programs I wrote in C++ that can read, edit, and write .obj files already. The problem is getting them to show up in Unreal. I’ll look into the procedural mesh component, thanks.

Got it! Writing an obj parser and feeding the data to a ProceduralMeshComponent was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Thanks Ellyfish, very informative!
How performant is it to create meshes at runtime? Did you manage to import & attach the textures?