Trying to import Daz 3D models?

Unreal is not too fond of Daz 3D for whatever reason. I did find a plugin that fixes this

But with the whole corona thing going on right now i’'ve kinda turned frugal and i’ve been really watching my spending.
in short, i’m not really interested in blowing that kind of money on a plugin and for what it does it’s a bit overpriced
especially if all i have to do is downgrade to get this working.
I’ve found other tutorials on how to do this and they seem to be user older versions of unreal? I’ve heard this
issue happens alot with genesis 8 models (mostly). I’d hate to only use genesis 3 models since most of
my models are genesis 8. The only other time i’ve seen a genesis 8 model used , the version of unreal wasn’t
disclosed so fortunately it is possible to fix this without actually having to blow 40$ of a plugin.

If there is a faster solution to this or workaround please let me know. For now i’m going to try

  • Downgrading
  • Switching the gens

Hi I’m currently using a G8 model in one of my projects. But , what is your question exactly? Do you need help importing the FBX? Or, do you need help with rigging to Unreal’s Skeleton? I am by no means an expert, but i have gotten my G8 model in game with animations working successfully. (Check Spoiler). So I mean I can help you a bit, we just need to pinpoint your issue.

I’m using ALSV3 in the video, but once you get your re-targeting figured out , you shouldn’t have many issues.

this plugin worse 40$,even you know how to import daz character to ue4.
this plugin will save a lot of time for you.

I don’t think you actually stated a problem in there. What is actually not working?

Dealing with Daz Studio + Genesis is just one of those things that’s hard until it becomes easy and there really is no need for an export/import plugin unless it can also do a 1-1 conversion of the PBR and procedural materials. The eyes for example is a simple problem that there is a object layer used to add moisture and spec to the outer eye and a simple fix would be to replace it using a glass material now that transparency seems to work right.

There is also a few other options from a good better best stand point where you can just mask out the offender or even remap the UV’s to make us of the Paragon eye materials if you wish.

Personally I’ve been using DS, along with Genesis, for years and would be an excellent purchase by Epic to add the tools to the Unreal engine, since they have been buying support companies :smiley:

Also of interest is importing Daz products into UE4 continues to improve with each major release

The plugin comes with some materials, but will also help you map Surface Parameters in Daz Studio to Material Parameters in Unreal Engine with your own Materials. Working with Materials in Daz to Unreal – David Vodhanel
You are correct though. The plugin isn’t needed, you can do everything manually. I wrote it because all the little fixes (for instance the eye fix you mentioned) started really adding up and I didn’t want to do them manually over and over :slight_smile:

Does a decent example of import into Unreal Genesis 8 and eye textures exist? Best regards.

I did an overview as to improvements made in 4.26 using MetaHuman as a comparison.

The good news is Daz3D was granted an Epic grant to continue bridge support and development so it could e said that Genesis is officially supported by Epic so can be assumed even better DS/UE4 support into the future.

Something new is on the horizon and of this post is a countdown to something interesting :smiley:

Sorry but is it possible to get this result in unreal?
I have big eye texture problems how can i fix it?
Physical render of cinema 4D
I don’t want to use ExampleContent’s eyes.
Thanks a lot for any help.

Depends on how hard you wish to work for the desired result. The necessary components to make a high resolution, high fidelity, asset are present in Unreal 4, soon to be Unreal 5, so the simple answer is yes you can produce a result equal to the proof posted or even closer to jumping the uncanny valley.

The easy way of fixing the eyes is to wait for Daz3D to fix the issue if your looking for a 1-1 import from DS to Unreal 4 so in my opinion is a matter of time before ease of use catches up with the ability to “bridge” the platform gap as to the need to maintain fidelity of the asset.

As for fixing eye issues there is no real easy to do solution with out the experience and software skills of using editing applications necessary to achieve the desired result. Eyes for example is one of the most difficult elements to get right but UE4 does have the necessary base materials as a starting point.

In cinema 4 D I spent a few minutes to reset textures of these girls in unreal for more than a month still I have not been able to do it.
I promise that I have been using Unreal for three months.
Thank you very much for the attention.

Since I have iMac and not being able to use Unreal Bridge
I would like to kindly ask you what is DAZ hair configuration in the material editor in Unreal.
Thanks a lot for any help.

since I have had DAZ Moderation Team restrictions placed on me I cannot freely Post in the DAZ 3D forum and cannot find anywhere else to discuss DAZ content in Unreal, :disappointed_relieved: my posts need preapproval and pretty much anything I post about Unreal Engine and Epic does not get that approval, especially Metahumans etc as a competing product. :roll_eyes:
I am having the issue of the grooms disappearing except when close up on the metahumans but they don’t if not on a metahuman, I cannot find how to disable this inherited LOD.
I think I can use them on DAZ people though and not have them disappear.
OK solved this, in Blueprint LOD sync force change to 1 and compile