Trying to import a huge map via World Partition + LWC - getting a VRAM crash

I have an old tiled map that I built in World Machine. It’s made up of 4096 tiles.
The thing is: back with world composition + world origin shifting, I could select all of these tiles and import them.
Because it imported them all unloaded, I had no problem importing them and then loading the parts that I want.

Now, for some reason, when I try to import them in World Partition (just your ol regular import heightmap, and it tries to import all of them), it kinds of starts importing and then it crashes, complaining of running out of vram.

Is there anything I can do about it? Anybody had anything like that?

Hello! I don’t have an answer here, just piling on to say I have the same issue. Massive tileset from WM, can’t import because it crashes.

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SO I’ve done some more testing. Even if you don’t crash, you’ll get a vram limitation. It seems massive tilesets just can’t be imported. anything larger than 16k total just wouldn’t import with 32GB of ram and 10GB of vram. I had some luck merging the tileset in WM and importing as a single heightmap, ignoring the old UE4 knowledge that an 8k heightmap was the maximum, but it only enabled me to load a slightly larger total landscape.

Right now I’m testing a 32k 8x8 4033x4033 tileset, by converting from a world composition 4.27.2 project to a world partition project using level instances. I’m curious to see if world partition will work within each level instance. if it does, then it’ll result in being some bizarre hybrid of WC and WP. I’ll post back here with results.

Please do!

I should say that importing large tilesets into world partition directly isn’t impossible, but it seems limited by resources. With an Epyc CPU, loads of RAM, and a Radeon Pro SSG (the GPU with an NVMe drive expanding the VRAM), I expect you could import a very large tileset.

With the recent release of DirectStorage, it might be possible to expand VRAM to the point you could import the whole tileset. Once it’s in and you’ve set up streaming in editor, theoretically you shouldn’t need the whole thing loaded? World partition doesn’t load the entire terrain at once afaik. I’ll explore this solution soon.

What about doing it in parts? I originally imported my 1000-something tiles landscape in bits of about 100 at a time back in 4.20 or something, but as the Partition conversion tool is completely unable to convert it I have started to try to reimport it. It seems even selecting just one tile leads to this crash as perhaps it automatically picks the next in the folder as they are named sequentially? By the way the way this crashes now is nearly a complete system freeze the likes of which I haven’t experienced since the Windows 95 days, at least earlier UE 4 versions had the decency to just crash instead of locking up the computer requiring a reboot.

I’m attempting to import a 16k x 16k landscape and my vram fails. I attempted to import it by starting with one quad, and then extending it with another (removing the x0_y0 naming convention from the images) but this crashed ua5 as well.

Do anyone know how much vram i need to import a 16k x 16k landscape? Is there any other way to work around this?

The vram is only used when you display the landscape/keep it in memory.

In ue4 it used to be enough to close the minimap and let it process to load up around 120km^2 on a 1080ti.

If the mini map is displayed, all landscape tiles shown have to be loaded into memory with their relative costs. Causing the overflow.

Obviously. You cannot load all the tiles at once or you will also crash the engine by running out of Vram. You have to find how many tiles your machine allows you to work with, to do the acrual woek/sculp/spline part.

Or dont use the engine, which is a much better alternative. Try houdini.

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