Trying to have one item 'repair' another, i'm missing something

Hello, I need some help :slight_smile:

Here’s my current problem. I have two items. Lets call it BrokenItem, and FixerItem.

What I’d like to do is have a bunch of consumable FixerItems, that can be used to repair the BrokenItems. I currently have BrokenItems ‘consuming’ the FixerItems when you Drag and drop on onto it. Which is great. The only thing I seem to be missing is actually ‘repairing’ the BrokenItem when the FixerItem is consumed. I have NO idea how to hook that up.

More Details:

  • My Consumable Type = Other


  • MyItemType = Misc Consumable
  • My Consumable Type = Other
  • Support Drag Onto Other Item = True
  • Support Drag Onto Item Class = BrokenItem

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :smiley:

on te oter hand i am looking for a way to have multiples recipes for one item, the same way if you could have multiple repair recipies you ncould just make one of them be your repair item no?

for the multi recipe try looking at how they did for the cementing past and other item like that (you can craft it with chitin or keratin and stone so 2 recipe.)