Trying to get used to blueprint working on procedural generation ATM need help.

Ok guys i’m doing this tutorial Blueprint Generating Procedural Rooms | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube. I know C++ but not ue4 C++ I wanted to learn blueprint first since it’s visual and everything you know. I know 3d modeling level design, I first learned LUA from garrysmod and SOURCE ENGINE (pos engine in my idea but i do like there level editor). Now I know allot of different programming languages but it’s hard for me to do math in blueprint for some reason maybe I need to put debug ouputs with my math. I can upload what’s happening when I do exactly what the tutorial says. My model overlaps and is inefficient because of this. If you go to the link you’ll see my comments explaining my problems. Any help will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with future content. I’v been looking for a indie team also to just chat with and just show what we’re all working on and work togethor.

Math Expressions are a great new addition put in a few versions ago, they enable you to write in your own math expressions as you would on a calculator or on paper and it will build all the required nodes for you.

So instead of having to put it all in place yourself, you write out your math expression in the Math Expression node and it will build it for you.

Yes, the math expression node is a great way to handle math in UE4, as math does seem like it is backwards with blueprints. Just know that with the Math Expression node, you cannot have dynamic equations at runtime, and cannot have multiple outputs ( I made a forum thread trying to convince Epic to introduce the latter as a feature).