Trying to get understanding... within unreal....#include "GameFramework/Actor.h"

So I’m following tutorials And I’m trying to see in which the fvector is operator overloading in which is defined to use in other classed. Right now I’m looking into the actor class I checked the base class and derived and the conclusion is these classes are defined with operators in #include “GameFramework/Actor.h”. Someone tell me that I’m correct and where do I find this file?

Ahh neverMind I see all the h files are in the external dependecies correct? That makes much more sense

I stiill have to read a book about template and programming. Can someone point me their they I’m guessing used a generic template to call it F vector

Best place to look is in the documentation. FVector lives in the Core module and the header can be found in Core/Public/Math/Vector.h

I’m guessing the core mod is included in every class?

Not directly, but if you look at the contents of the “YourProject/Source/YourProject/YourProject.Build.cs” file, that is where the dependencies of your primary game module are listed. The documentation includes the complete module list, but not all of them are useful for every game, which is why they’re not included by default.

The module system used in Unreal C++ isn’t actually part of the C++ language or Visual Studio, but of Unreal itself. The UnrealBuildTool program is what reads those .Build.cs files and sets up the project so that it can be compiled, and it’s automatically called every time you build your game through Visual Studio or start a hot reload from the editor.