Trying to get static mesh component from an actor class?

Hi, I’m back! I’m trying to get a missile to home on an enemy, and as I understand it the “Set Homing Target” in Unreal can only take a static mesh reference. So I added a static mesh component to my Enemy class:

If I try to cast to the Enemy class and get the static mesh, this happens:

If I try to cast to the StaticMeshComponent, it gives me this warning:

(I know the execution pins aren’t hooked up to anything yet :wink: )

Not sure what to do here! I’ve Googled a bunch and not found anything that helps. Am I doing something wrong?

Instead of searching “Get Static” when dragging off your cast, try searching for “get HomingTarget” as that’s what you named the static mesh inside your actor

That did it! Thanks!

Unfortunately this has led to a new issue:


The homing target seems to REALLY want a static mesh actor. Is there a workaround or something for this?

Update: this thread solved my Homing Target Component issue. Thanks Mbublitz!