Trying to get SkeletalMesh vertices / triangles

To preface, I am a complete Unreal noob, but very well-versed in computer graphics. So I’m trying to implement a convoluted system that requires knowing the vertex positions of a Skeletal Mesh (and the subsequent triangles). I just need the points for some approximation. I ended up getting the LOD for said SkeletalMesh, but when I query the number of vertices, I get 0. However when I debug in VisualStudio, the LOD’s vertex buffer has a size of ~10000. It’s just when the code is running that it comes up zilch… Does it have something to do with being unable to access data that is on the main rendering thread?

As a compromise I decided to use Unreal’s automatic convex hull physics body instead. However I can’t for the life of me get Unreal to link PhysX to my project. The primary tutorial online for integrating PhysX into your project seems a little outdated since the PhysX is located in a different location in my Unreal install path.

Really either solution would be greatly appreciated at this point. Thank you so much.

are you using UE4?