Trying to get my character to jump :/

(Kind new to unreal…) I’m trying to put in some nodes that will have my pawn jump. But I’m not sure if I’m doing it right due to the fact that I’m getting an error and my character won’t jump. It would be an easy task if i were to just put the nodes in the main character actor. But i wanna put it them in the player controller actor which makes things complex. This is because i need to somehow get the player character/variables assigned to that character and import them to the controller actor. Im adding a double jump as well and thats where my jump count comes in. The thing is, the variable is in my main character actor :confused: Any help?

You are right! i Got no error doing this but my character still wont respond and u dont know why… Id like to think its because my character isnt scripted to respond to the new variable but i dont know for sure