Trying to get login button to work right

Hello All…

I have been working with twitch TV broadcast Twitch and trying to get a number of things working. After much head scratching and then some help from one of our users here, (Roy.Awesome) I have my first page with buttons is looking good. Thank you devs and Roy.

I got my quit button to work, the Twitch cast was a little different than what I had to do to get it to work, not sure why, but it works… so Hey… what ever. :slight_smile:

Then I moved on to about 28 minutes in the video and tried to get my “login” button to work. I can’t puzzle it out so I thought I would ask here.

Here is what I have:

When I hit play and then click on “login” to does not run Example_map… nor can I find “Remove from viewport” like the twitch cast guy found when he typed in “rem”
So, I have a two fold question… how do I remove the view port and then second, what am I missing to run the starter map?

Any help would be appreciated…

Thank you

Hey Tarly, I will move this thread to Blueprint section!

Well, this twitch is veeery old so there are changes :slight_smile:
For example “Remove from viewport” was replaced with “Remove from parent”. Also, you can’t remove the viewport, but you can remove from it.

Thank you zeOrb…

for both the info about viewport and moving my post to the right place.

As to the twitch… it got me to here:

well… that twitch and Roy.Awesome…lol… But, I am stoked to be rolling along… I’ll try puzzling out my load issue with the info you gave me.

Thank you Again

AH HA! making progress… I think I have it now :slight_smile: I can get login to work to load Example_Map from login… should be able to puzzle out the next Step… Thank you zeOrb.

WRONG!! I use in graph mode I have “login” onclicked/view there is onclicked(login_1) wire to remove from parent and I save it… and it works… I log into Example_Map but… when I use onclicked(login_1) wire remove from part wire to load level and choose Example_Map it does not work.

Can anyone tell me why ? Please ? I want to get to the point I can click on “login” and it loads “Testmap” and test map has a button to load Example_Map.

Can Anyone help me out ?

MUHAHAHAHHAH… Progress IS made… I now can get testmap to load… WOOHOOOOO… Thank you zeOrb… now… to get buttons in the hud in test map to allow me to move back to main menu… and the other to allow me to change maps to example map.

OMG my brain hurts… but… the felling of SUCCESS!!