Trying to get in app purchases working

I’ve followed the steps on the above page, set up in app products on Google Play and used InAppPurchase node in my menu blueprint with my in app purchase ID in the product identifier of the purchase request in BP, and triggering in app purchase does nothing. The game has been uploaded to Google Play and is set in closed alpha testing and I am triggering it from there, both on my device and a test device (not linked to my account).

This is not exactly my strong suit, so I’m not really sure where to turn. I must be missing something. This is the last thing I really need to do to finish it.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more information if needed.

I am getting this error on Google Play;

Security alert Your app is using an incorrect implementation of in-app billing. Please see this Google Help Center article for more information. Vulnerable classes:

This should go away with 4.13 since I updated the Google Play Services to 9.2.0.

I moved it to 4.13 and the warnings went away, but in app purchases still are not working.

How are you testing? Did you include your Google account as a tester account?

Yes, I included my google account as the testing account as well as another account on another device. The game is in closed alpha on Google Play and I am downloading it to both devices from there. Neither device does anything when the button is pressed. Here is a picture of the blueprint setup, where onedollarpurchase is the ID of the in app product listed on Google Play.8375d453acd6f31a89f78748ed0e9d75022c6f6a.png

What do you see in the logcat when you attempt the purchase?