Trying to get health to decay and have the health bar change colour

I managed to get the decay working then added the colour change (which seems to be working) however now the colour change isn’t working

these are the relevant sections of blueprint, Is anything wrong with them?

To me it looks like you just copied & pasted the “Make Color” node without changing any of its values afterwards. No matter which ones of the if-checks fail or succeed, you’ll always get the same colour with that blueprint (which is green). Though by the time I post this you’ll probably have figured that yourself.

  1. Color values range from 0-255, thus , a values of 1 is going to basically give you black
  2. It seems you’ve bound the color to that function. That way you return always the color black (See return node). Just set up a custom event to call each set node instead

Thanks for pointing that out butthereal problem is with the decay not working after I added the colour change