Trying to get graph to execute command on item use -- settargetdinocolor

I can’t get the graph to do this for my life. Even if its set to execute on usage… it never executes the command. Is there a way to make a graph to do this? Or to make an item once consumed by the dino sets its colors? If so, can someone show me an example in the graph section, because graphing just confuses the hell out of me.

It depends where you’re trying to execute the command.

As far as using an item to do it, that should be possible, it may take some finagling to get working as replication will be a key component.

With the actual colour change, I guess a possible way is to get the material and change the colour paramaters through graph… I’ve not experiment with that and don’t know how far you could get that way.

Otherwise I think you’d have to change the material entirely(as Dino’s use Dynamic Instanced Materials - they use a single material that is randomised at run-time for each dino) after you had influenced the parameters of the material in charge of colour.

Just some guesses.


Yeah, there is a cheat command to set the color for each section of the dino 0-5. I’ve tried to execute it through a graph and it always refuses to execute. I don’t understand how graphing works, and supposedly theres also another script feature to do it as well? It’s just so confusing.

Well, you still haven’t said where you’re trying to execute the command, but I’m going to assume you’ve been trying to do it on the dino? That will never work.

That command is a target-command, it will take affect on the dino the player controller is looking at directly.


I got it to work… Graphs are complicated, so i made a copy of respec soup to do it, changing the final outcome.

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I’m not rude to my subs. People seem to think its okay just to start adding people they don’t know. This sub seems to think its okay to make a big deal out of me ignoring his friend add. I don’t add people I do not know to the friends list.

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