Trying to get dismemberment to work. Only works for one limb each.

The actual dismemberment part works I just need to figure out this specific issue. The way it’s set up is I have an AI character using the default Mannequin. When I hit a specific bone with the sword (head, neck, upperarm, upperleg, ect) that bone gets hidden and an actor with physics of that limb gets spawned in it’s place. It works fine if there’s just one AI actor in the scene but when I add more the dismemberment stops working after I cut off one body part type from one of the actors, meaning I can only cut off one head, or one left or right arm or leg for all the characters. What I’m trying to figure out is how I can cut off the limbs from each of the actors by themselves because for some reason I can only dismember each part once for all of them. Any help would be amazing.

Confused at how that is possible.
As you manipulating the skeletal mesh itself instead of the instance of it in the skeletal mesh component?

Here’s the blueprint. Dismemberment > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

This one is for the Left arm all the other body parts are the same.

You are using a Do Once, and there’s nothing Resetting it. Also the Check Hit Bone doesn’t have anything connected but since I can’t see the logic of the function that might be intentional or not.

So yes, the Do Once node is preventing me from cutting off additional limbs so I disconnected it. However the reason why it’s there in the first place is to prevent more limbs from spawning if the bone gets hit again. The tutorial I followed didn’t mention anything about resting the Do Once so I’m not sure how to implement that part. Also the Check Hit Bone is there to call the event it isn’t a function.

You might want to keep track of the “already hit bones” in an array and then check that array whenever bones are hit to ensure only un-hit bones can be performed on.